The Future of YSCA

Former three-time USASA (United States of America Snowboarding Association) national champion Glen Caulkins is the visionary of YSCA. I saw the positive effects USASA was having on my life and all the friends I was making. I watched the way kids and parents of all ages we acting like one big family. I was 36 when I started competing but I was just as important as the hottest adolescent rider we had. If I won my division it helped our team to place higher or win the over all national title. I watched the way everything ran and the vision for YSCA was divinely inspired.

A key component of YSCA is to promote an awareness of self-improvement, and to provide support for adolescents, and promote a patriotic sense of camaraderie. And the recreation and fun of this rapidly growing sport could be preserved and flourish.

Some people may comment that YSCA promotes some form of Christian bias and prejudice. What we were doing has nothing but total respect of the cultures and ideologies of other skaters and parents. We just want our own Christian club.

We will soon be incorporating the YSCA. Then we will open up the membership base for YSCA. Eventually we want to have categories of membership. We want to promote individual membership of YSCA whereby skaters and supporters can pay an annual fee to receive a t-shirt, cap, stickers and a monthly circular, and thereby support the growth of the YSCA. Furthermore, corporate sponsor memberships have incredible potential to provide increased revenues.

Each year we will hope to see an increase in the number of competitors and regions participating within the YSCA. Top riders from those regions qualify to compete in annual county wide, state, national, and international “Age Class” and “Pro/Am” Championships. We also hope to see an ever-enlarging group of balanced and vibrant individuals who are rock solid both in and out of the skate arena.

It’s not just in what the YSCA can achieve here locally, but what is possible for the aspiring people of every nation. The positive effects of YSCA will soon be acknowledged. The dream will soon be a reality! YSCA

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