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Through 30+ years of research and evolution, Glen Caulkins has, indeed, cracked the code on reverse aging and is highly-sought-after for his knowledge by a vast number of pro-level athletes and wellness practitioners from around the world.

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I know a little about Chiropractic, Spinal Decompression, High Power Class IV Laser Treatments, Clinical Deep Tissue Massage, G5 Massage Therapy, Rapid Release Technology (RRT), Neuromuscular MNT-Bars, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, Gua Sha, Gliding Cupping, pH Balancing, Exercise with Oxygen Therapy, and Earthing or Grounding the human body.

I know a little about traditional Indian medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, allopathic medicine, Alternative medicine, Complementary medicine, Holistic medicine, homeopathy, Veterinary medicine, botany, agricultural, chemistry, organic chemistry, biosphere, biogeochemical cycles, ecosystem, bioscience, anthropology, geology, biology, anatomy; biological, geological, and quantum physics; quantum cosmology, gerontology, alchemy, yoga, natural philosophy, history, current events, and theology. Explore some of the in-depth articles that I've written about our planet, its current state, and how we are affected and will thrive as its inhabitants.

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Thousand of people worldwide have benefited from the GC protocol. Learn my age-reversing techniques and lifestyle through my instructional videos and lectures.

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The Action Junkeez Podcast

Hosted by Jon Orlando, Glen Caulkins shares some serious knowledge about health and fitness in this episode! He works with some of the most elite fighters in the game today including TJ Dillashaw, Aaron Pico, Juan Archuleta, Cub Swanson, and of course Jake Ellenberger. His story is amazing, he was on the brink of death at the age of 49, and he took matters into his own hands when it came to his personal health and fitness.

“Glen Caulkins might be the most interesting character I’ve ever met, and I only understood about 10% of what he said, but that 10% is life changing”

Surf Talk Show

Hosted by JJ and The Doctor, explore the insanity of pure clean Pristine living as addressed by master mind Glen Caulkins We will take an in depth look at our society and how its affected by acid rain, GMO’s and more evil that learks. Learn how to rise above and not just survive but thrive with new found Health and Nutrition to keep you sufing at least another 100 years.

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