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Categorizing the Current Lay of the Land and the Archetypal Landscape

Many people refer to alchemy as the precursor of the modern science of chemistry prior to the formulation of the scientific method. However, it is difficult to get scientists to propagate the truth, when their salaries, reputations, and research funding depend on inductive reasoning.

There is an incentive-driven mental fire-wall intrinsic to being part of the global, corporate institutional power structure. Today’s scientists are well aware of the consequences of deductive reasoning. Scientists are perhaps the most influential people in the world today. However, the majority of these scientists have been co-opted by the corporate powers-that-be to become instruments for their diabolical agenda. There is intense pressure in the mainstream, academic, and corporately funded scientific community to not talk about the quality of the water the masses are forced to drink and bathe in, the quality of the food we are forced to eat, the quality of the air we are forced to breathe (indoors and outdoors); the dangers of electromagnetic radiation, chemtrails, fluoride, chlorine, GMO’s, pesticides, vaccines, etc.; medical abuse and malpractice, and pharmaceutical injuries; unchecked population growth and the impending collapse of Industrial Civilization.

At the dawn of agriculture, about 8000 B.C., the population of the world was approximately 5 million. A tremendous change occurred with the Industrial Revolution; prior to the Industrial Revolution it had taken all of human history until around 1800 for world population to reach one billion. In contrast, during the 20th century alone, the population in the world increased from 1.65 billion to 6 billion. In 1970, there were roughly half as many people in the world as there are now. As of 2014, there are roughly 7.26 billion people on our planet.

Humans are now adding roughly one billion people to the planet every 12 years. For example: in 2010, globally, roughly 140 million people were born and 57 million people died, which was a net increase of 83 million people that year. This population snowball… is growing exponentially, human population of the world is expected to reach 8 billion people in 2024… something has to give. All of these people will need food, water, shelter, and medical assistance.

The population explosion is causing damage at a faster rate than the earth’s ability to recover… and unfortunately, much of the damage being done is permanent. Among other resources, the world has reached its limit in crop harvests, and is declining in animal species, rain forests, topsoil, fish stocks, and fresh water. When an expanding population meets shrinking resources, the results are starvation, malnutrition and hunger-related diseases, poorer health, conflict over resources, and pitched competition for survival.

Global problems ranging from ecological destruction to overpopulation and resource depletion are actually symptomatic of wounds in individuals and the collective consciousness of humanity: third eye blind… a calcified and fluoridated pineal gland. Crime, drug abuse, and other social ills are merely symptoms of the spiritual unconnectedness in the collective consciousness of society.

In 1992, over 1600 of these corporately funded senior scientists signed and released a documented entitled, “A Warning to Humanity.” In it, they stated, “human beings and the natural world are on a collision course… that may so alter the living world that it will be unable to sustain life in the manner that we know.” They concluded by giving the following, simple warning to the human family: “We, the undersigned senior members of the world’s scientific community, hereby warn all humanity of what lies ahead. A great change in our stewardship of the earth and the life on it is required, if vast human misery is to be avoided and our global home on this planet is not to be irretrievably mutilated.”

What these brainwashed scientific douchebags forgot to mention was that the powers-that-be had already decided that they would need to exterminate ninety percent of the worlds population in order to save the planet. Which is beyond insane… number one, God sent everyone here; number two, it’s too late to save the planet, we have already done irreparable damage to the biosphere (the oceans are dying); number three, every human being in the civilized world (including the powers-that-be) are already half-dead and terminally ill; number four, no one can stop the rape of Mother Earth and impending collapse of Industrial Civilization. Great job powers-that-be… dumb them all down and see what happens. Real Clever… you ought to be really proud of yourselves… YOUR SORCERY KILLED THE PLANET!

There are not too many people on Earth. As a matter of fact, the entire population of the world could be comfortably placed within a land mass the size of Alaska, with enough land for each family to operate a small farm. The earth is not overpopulated. There are just too many brain injured people that cannot evaluate their behavior or the world around them, which would enable them to live sanely. The dumbed-down pig-lifestyle utopian NWO is beyond a hoax… it’s fantasy! I have a great idea, let’s kill everybody, so we can live like retarded pigs.

These brain-injured dupes cannot figure out that they are all half-dead and their children will never survive. The masses are suffering from severe malnutrition, metabolic acidosis, dehydration, heavy metal poisoning, electrolyte imbalances, essential fatty acid aberrations, chronic inflammation, systemic sclerosis, polymyalgia rheumatic, hypoxia, impaired blood flow to the brain, and a host of other maladies. Many of these disorders are teratogenic. Their bone density is declining, and their muscles, organs, and arteries are getting hard. Their pineal gland is calcified and their brains are not working properly.

The powers-that-be are RAMPING THE SOFT KILL UP! The NPK fertilizer that made everyone passive, sedated, docile, did not kill us quick enough, so they took hundred of billions of pounds of industrial wastes and added it to the NPK fertilizer. The NPK waste derived fertilizer did not kill us quick enough, so they ramped it up to NPK waste derived fertilizer GMO (biological warfare). The original pesticides did not kill us quick enough so they ramped it up to the biopesticides Glyphosate (Roundup), BT, and 2,4-D. The sodium fluoride added to our public water (that turned the masses in to retards) did not kill us quick enough, so they ramped it up to hydrofluorosilicic acid (one of the most corrosive acids known to man). The chlorine did not kill us quick enough, so they ramped it up to chloramine. The sugar did not kill us quick enough, so they ramped it up to high fructose corn syrup and aspartame. All of that did not kill us quick enough, so they poisoned virtually every product that is sold to us. That did not kill us quick enough, so they are now spraying us with chemtrails. That did not kill us quick enough… so now they are unleashing a barrage factory made viruses. And they are just getting warmed up… and you have bullshit to attend to… no focus, no hustle, no game, no fight — GFL.

We are living on a battlefield, not a playground. Like the proverbial frog in the pot of heated water; the masses are like comatose patients, they have not done the research necessary to develop the capacity to understand what is really happening to them or around them; they cannot comprehend the preordained path their ignorance is leading. In plain English, it’s Judgement Time!


On the other hand, the collective goal of dedicated alchemists was to discover the relationship of humans to the cosmos and the earth, and use that understanding to live in balance and harmony with nature, achieve enlightenment, and increase lifespan. All things in all universes move according to law, and the laws that regulate the movement of the galaxies and the planets, are no more immutable than the laws that regulate the material expressions of man.

The disciples of alchemy perceive it as far more than infantile protoscience based on quasi-scientific principles that are steeped in allegory and metaphor. Modern alchemists truly understand that this Science of Divine Works is a timeless… sacred… holy art: one whose secrets cannot be learned from any book. The study of alchemy is a collective dream of our ancestors, which also happens to be profoundly relevant for our world today.

The catch-22 of studying these ancient texts is that linguistics, allegories, dual and even poly-meanings give rise to a phenomenon called hermetic drift, which is a double-edged sword. Hermetic drift is a kind of lateral surfing through correspondences concerning esoteric topics, ideas, and terms. Connections can be made between things that are symbolic, even poetic, that are not necessarily based on logic or science. There is also always the problem of hermetic drift inherent in myths and legends cobbled together for national and religious prestige. The only way to rise above hermetic drift… is through Divine Wisdom. Only then can we begin to categorize the prototypical model.

Many of these alchemical texts of antiquity repeatedly mention the Philosophers’ Stone, Holy Grail, Elixir of Life, Great Pyramids, Crystal Lined Caves, Ark of the Covenant, Magnesia, Living Water, and Pools and Hot Springs with Healing Properties.

Alchemy: the Philosophers’ Stone, Holy Grail, Elixir of Life, Healing Waters… and the Pollution Cycle

The greatest alchemists, philosophers, scientists, physicists, rabbis, priests, scholars, sages, and historians the world has ever known… searched the world over for the Philosophers’ Stone – to no avail! The Philosophers’ Stone was a legendary alchemical substance said to be capable of transmuting base metals like lead into gold, which we know is mutually exclusive. However, it was also sought as the Universal Panacea, a remedy that would cure all diseases and prolong life indefinitely. It was the central symbol of the mystical terminology of alchemy, symbolizing perfection at its finest, enlightenment, and heavenly bliss. It represents the celestial forces behind life and the universal binding power between the body, mind, spirit, and soul.

The Philosophers’ Stone, described variously, was sometimes said to be a common substance, found everywhere but unrecognized and unappreciated. Numerous synonyms were used to make oblique reference to the stone: the White Stone, the Water Stone of the Wise, and the Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus were a few. Finding the Philosophers’ Stone was the original goal of most of the 4th century B.C. Indian and Chinese Alchemists, and for more than 5 centuries it was the most sought after goal in European Alchemy.

Many of the medieval allegories for a Christ were adopted for the Stone, and the Christ and the Stone were indeed taken as identical in a mystical sense. There are also strong Medieval Christian Alchemical traditions that equate Jesus to “the Water of Life” or “the Fountain of Life” and “the Elixir of Immortality.” These same Christian Alchemical traditions hold that the correlation of the Philosophers’ Stone and the Elixir of Life are essential to solving the mysteries of the Holy Grail. It was believed that if the Nectar of Immortality was consumed from a certain cup, it would bestow Eternal Youth. It was deemed that the cup could unify the Elixir’s Life-Force Energies to correspond with the Life-Force Energies in body, which initiates coherence.

The Elixir of Life has had hundreds of names and thousands of formulas throughout the ages. Alchemists in various ages and cultures sought the means of formulating the Elixir. Many of these substances, far from contributing to longevity, were and are actively toxic. One should always remember the Alchemical maxim, solve et coagula, which literally means dissolve and coagulate. It means that something must be broken down before it can be built up. The power of the archetype is destabilizing to the paradigm, if pushed to extremes — easy does it.

For centuries, people all over the world have known the therapeutic benefits of pristine water and spending time in hot spring pools. The word ‘spa’ itself comes from the Latin term ‘sanus per aquam,’ meaning health through water. Hot springs occur naturally all over the world, and prior to burning fossil fuel (which created acid rain and dry-deposition) they were a replenishing gift from Mother Nature that nourished us from the outside in!


The whole planet has a smoke ring around it; the Pollution Cycle affects all of the water of our planet. When rainwater falls from the clouds as rain, it falls through air filled with bacteria, dust, smoke, smog, chemicals, minerals, gases, and radioactive fallout. By the time it reaches the earth it is so saturated with acids, decaying matter, dirt, and chemicals that under a microscope, it has a yellowish-white tint.

Let’s examine the real price of burning fossil fuel. Acid rain is a broad term referring to a mixture of wet and dry deposition (deposited material) from the atmosphere containing higher than normal amounts of nitric and sulfuric acids—as a result of burning fossil fuel. Acid rain occurs when sulfur dioxide and nitric oxide react in the atmosphere with water and other chemicals to form sulfuric acid and nitric acid.

Acid rain causes a cascade of effects that harm or kill individual fish, reduce fish population numbers, completely eliminate fish species from a body of water, and decrease biodiversity. Damages also show up in land animals, affecting their behavior and feeding patterns. Acid rain kills trees, crops, and other vegetation. It accelerates the decay of building materials and paints, buildings, statues, and sculptures; corrodes copper, galvanized steel, and lead piping; damages such manufactured things as automobiles; and reduces soil fertility. Acid rain raises the level of heavy metals, many of which are carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic, reproductive toxins, or neurological toxins in drinking water supplies. It is called hard water!

“Water hardness (excess inorganic minerals in solution) is the underlying cause of many, if not all, of the diseases resulting from poisons in the intestinal tract. These (hard minerals) pass from the intestinal walls and get into the lymphatic system, which delivers all of its products to the blood, which in turn, distributes to all parts of the body. This is the cause of much human disease.” Dr. Charles Mayo of the Mayo Clinic

Let’s do a brief geological, biological, and medical assessment of acid rain. The effect of acid rain on the environment depends greatly on the ability of soils to neutralize the acid; limestone and other rocks and soils containing calcium are most effective. When this acidic water is consumed or absorbed when bathing, our bodies require minerals to buffer the acids, so it pulls minerals from the bones, which will eventually result in a loss of bone density, fractures, joint replacements, arthritis, etc. Acid rain exponentially erodes the earth, which creates hard water. It is relatively obvious that we have a serious problem when dishes come out of the dishwasher opaque, the water you bathe in destroys plumbing fixtures, appliances, and pipes, and there are rust stains on sinks, toilet bowls, swimming pools, etc. Water pollution alone has the power to end the world, as we know it. The diseases caused by impure acidic water are numerous and fatal.

Iron is the third most prevalent mineral in the earth’s crust, and the number one element on the planet, because it is relatively soft. Acid rain releases mass quantities of inorganic iron. Once inorganic iron has entered the body there is normally no physiological mechanism for disposing of the excess inorganic iron (unless one considers menstrual bleeding in women). Inorganic iron antagonizes copper and chromium, which knocks out your insulin and glucose; this will cause type 3 diabetes. Inorganic iron will also gradually accumulate in various tissues, causing morbidity and mortality.

Acid rain changed the pH of the ocean; the ocean is 30% more acidic since the Industrial Revolution. Acid rain changed the pH of rivers and lakes, and it changed the pH of the human race! An acidic pH of the body will interrupt all cellular functions, including molecular transport, reproduction, and energy conversion, which will make people prone to many serious degenerative diseases. Just as acid rain can damage almost everything it comes in contact with, these acids can likewise destroy body cells and tissues by slowly gnawing away at our veins, arteries, tissue, and bones like rust oxidizing iron. Unfortunately, there is no test clinically available to diagnose metabolic acidosis.

Hard acidic water then is your greatest enemy. It will destroy every fond hope you have by striking you down when you should be enjoying the fruits of your labors. Crippled joints, repeated surgeries, enlarged hearts, hardened arteries, gall stones, kidney stones, hearing problems, forgetful minds, all draw your activities from the great out-of-doors into creaking rocking chairs, and finally into bed-ridden old folks homes.

The average person drinks about a gallon of water per day. Adding up the cups of coffee, tea, soft drinks, food, and water, this gallon isn’t too much. At a gallon a day, the average person drinks up to 450, 12 ounce glasses of solids during their life. Think of it… 450 glasses of mineral solids in your system during a lifetime.

Our public water supply is chemically treated with a variety of products that can include chlorine, chloramine (ammonia with chlorine), soluble silicates, aluminum sulfate, phosphate, polymers, hydrated lime, potassium permanganate, hydrofluorosilicic acid (fluoride), acrylamide, and many other chemicals. The addition of any kind of chlorine to water creates hydrochloric acid and hypochlorous acid. When chloramine combines with hydrofluorosilicic acid in water, it becomes so corrosive, that it will extract lead from plumbing systems. The water already contains sulfuric and nitric acids from acid rain. Our public water supply contains acids, heavy metals, fluoride, chemicals, disinfection by-products, acids, and a laundry list of other toxins that pose serious health threats.

The pollutants in much of our water also include chemicals from industry, such as lethal chlorinates, obnoxious phenols and tannins, plus commercial chemical fertilizers, weed killers, and poisonous pesticides, that are washed into streams by runoff or put directly into the water by fertigation injection, Chemigation, and injudicious overspray, which evaporate and end up in rainwater. Also present is radioactive cesium and even benzene, a known carcinogen.

Another nail in the coffin, in the last decade pharmaceuticals and personal care products have been reported in the water cycle, including surface waters, wastewater, groundwater and drinking water. Pharmaceuticals include chemicals such as over-the-counter medicines, cosmetics and other personal care products, as well as antibiotics and growth hormones used with livestock (agricultural uses of antibiotics account for about 80 percent of all antibiotic use in the United States).

Do you think that eating produce that is grown in toxic water… with dead, depleted, and chemicalized soil… might affect the way you think?

Water cannot be destroyed, but it can be defiled! Man with his chemical additives and injudicious activities have violated the laws of God. We can always expect a repercussion whenever we violate the natural order. Collateral Damage under control… child’s play.

Enigma of the Life-Force Energies

The enigma of the Life-Force Energies corresponds to the synergism of the four alchemical elements of antiquity: fire, wind, water, and earth. These elements also contribute to the formation of the Philosophers’ Stone, which is conceived below the earth, born in the earth, quickened in heaven, dies in time, and it obtains eternal glory. Just as thunderstorms are the inevitable outcome of battling elemental forces, these battling elemental forces forge the Philosophers’ Stone. Thunderstorms generate negative ions, and quite often, they draw lightning (positive ions) out of the earth.

These positive ions in the earth are known as the Telluric Currents or Earth Currents. The currents are extremely low frequency and travel over large areas at or near the surface of the earth and throughout the oceans (because of the salts). These currents are constantly moving within the terrestrial globe and between each half of the terrestrial globe. They move equator-ward (daytime – facing the sun) and pole-ward (nighttime – facing away from the sun). The fluctuations of these Telluric Currents influence the Biological Clock, which is an internal regulator responsible for various cyclical responses in living things. Telluric Currents can be harnessed to produce a useful low voltage current by means of earth batteries. Such devices were used for telegraph systems in the United States as far back as 1859.

Again, iron is the third most prevalent mineral in the earth’s crust. We know that the bulk of these Telluric Currents travel predominantly through iron veins, because pigeons, which use animal magnetism to navigate, will fly around iron veins because they get disoriented. When a thunderstorm draws lighting out of the earth, many times it comes out of an iron vein, when lighting strikes magnetite (iron oxide) rocks – they become Lodestones. Magnetite rocks and Lodestones are typically found in Banded Iron Formations (BIFs), which are highly controversial particle-wave and plasma precipitates.

On the subject of thunderstorms, lighting, and Telluric Currents, it should be noted, Ben Franklin didn’t discover electricity; the Ancient Greeks understood the basic concept of electricity some two thousand years before his birth. Franklin’s kite flying experiment was believed to have revealed that lightning was electrically charged. To put this in the correct terms, lightning is magneto-electrically charged.

Magnetricity is very different from manmade electricity and manmade magnets; it is optimal, relative, and quantum ratios of pulsed field magnetism and pulsed field DC voltage. We were designed to walk barefoot and sleep on the earth, which provides us with a continuous supply of these natural currents, which governs us all; no biological life can exist in full health without such connection.

Manmade electrically charged objects produce electromagnetic fields. EMFs alter bimolecular DNA synthesis, cell proliferation, membrane calcium fluxes, and cell surface properties in vitro. At the atomic and subatomic level exposure to manmade magnet fields hamper and disrupt the complex oscillation of atoms and molecules. Exposure to EMFs and/or manmade magnet fields adversely affect delicate biological processes: bone growth, bio-cycles, cell communication, white blood cells, neurochemistry, genetic replication, immune system, etc. High Voltage Power Line magnetism has been linked to childhood leukemia. Manmade magnets will draw magnetricity out of you. Magneto-electricity will draw EMFs out of you… and replace it magnetricity.

The electromagnetic (EM) spectrum is the range of all types of EM radiation. E stands for waves and M particles: Wave-Particles. There are many types of manmade EM radiation: visible light, radio waves, microwaves, infrared light, ultraviolet light, X-rays, gamma rays, etc. The fields emitted by manmade Wave-Particles are electromagnetic fields (EMF’s).

EMFs are considered to be quantum objects. The fields emitted by manmade electricity, radiation, and magnets are photons at different polarizations: lopsided decoupled oscillators. Magnetic and electromagnetic healing are solid-state pseudoscience.

The magneto-electric (ME) spectrum is the range of all types of ME radiation. M stands particles and E for waves: Particle-Waves. There are many types of natural ME radiation: sunlight, starlight, lighting, static electricity, biophotons, SuperLight, etc. The natural fields around Particle-Waves are ME fields.

Particle-Waves are quantum objects. The natural Particle-Wave fields emitted by the magnetosphere, earth, Telluric Currents, Banded Iron Formations, Lodestones, etc. are ME photons. In biological organisms the absorption ME radiation and ME photons are mutually inclusive. All biological organisms that absorb Particle-Waves emit ME photons.

The highly coherent photons created by biological organisms that absorb these Particle-Wave fields are called biophotons, which are particles of light, with no mass, that transmit information within and between cells and tissues in living organisms. Biophotons serve as the information system, which steers and controls the thousands of biochemical reactions taking place within each cell every second of our lives. Biophotons are connected to energy and information transfer processes in biological organisms. Biophoton have also been linked to the function of DNA and gene regulation. In other words, biophotons are the software that run all body functions.


A Lodestone is magnetite rock that has been struck by lighting. When a magnetite rock is struck by lighting, it acquires a north and a south pole. However, a Lodestone is not only bipolar magnetic rock… it is a polarized magneto-electrically charged rock, with a north/south attraction and a positive/negative charge… again, magneto-electricity is optimal, relative, and quantum ratios of pulsed field magnetism and pulsed field DC voltage.

Lodestones are the physical manifestation of high velocity magneto–electric currents slowed down; magneto–electric currents captured in the crystalline structures of magnetite; this Current of Life is present in every Lodestone. This is undoubtedly the reason the Greeks referred to Lodestones as lapus-vivas (live-stones). A powerful Lodestone can have up to 10 times more magnetricity (natural pulsed field DC voltage and pulsed field gauss) than the present earth. The quest for longevity and magneto-electricity have an intimate relationship; understanding the mysteries of magneto-electricity reveal the answers to the secrets of eternal youth.

It is documented that Cleopatra slept on lodestones to keep her skin youthful and beautiful. Hippocrates reportedly used lodestone to treat sterility. As early as 200 B.C., Chinese Healers used Lodestones to correct energy imbalances in the body. Old Chinese texts make references to the application of lodestones at acupuncture sites. The ancient Hindu scriptures mention the treatment of diseases with Lodestones. Medieval doctors reported that Lodestone could cure melancholy, baldness, and arthritis. William Gilbert also used Lodestones to relieve the arthritic pains of Queen Elizabeth. In Sir William Gilbert’s 1600 treatise, De Magnete, Gilbert stated that it was a myth that a lodestone could convert common metals into gold.

Almost everything on our planet utilizes magnetricity (Telluric Currents). It should be noted that the dynamic decay of the Telluric Currents have declined from over 12,000 trillion to about 10,000 kilowatt-hours before the Magneto-Electrical Pole Reversal and the Great Flood (lifespan was 900+), to about 1200 trillion kilowatt-hours after the Reversal (lifespan declined to 600, [Shem was Noah’s son and he was alive before and after the Reversal]), to the current 10 trillion kilowatt-hours, which is consistent with the lifespans of people before and after the Reversal and the uniform decline in lifespan as the Telluric Currents subsided. Tabula Smaragdina

Over the past 155 years, scientists have been studying the decline of what they mistakenly identify as the earth’s magnetic field (which is actually a particle-wave field), and the effects it has had on human health. However, it should be noted that they never correlated the uniform decrease in human lifespan and the decline of the Telluric Currents. What they did figure out was that when the first cosmonauts and astronauts went into space, physicians noted that they experienced bone calcium loss and muscle cramps when they were out of the earth’s particle-wave field for any extended period of time.

The correlation of the Philosophers’ Stone and the Holy Grail and their effects on deterring aging, and the Ark of the Covenant levitating are one in the same. These forces are due to the quantum effect of powerful bipolar magneto-electric fields and valence electrons moving in pairs, which are tantamount. This explains the free radical theory of aging. It is also accounts for the Ark’s infamous deadly energy discharges; when an ordinary person, lacking resonance approached the Ark, it would lead to a collapse of flux, a voltage difference, and produce a magneto-electrical discharge. The Ark was also surrounded by a pillar of cloud known as the Glory of the Lord, which is consistent with the positive ions in the Telluric Currents attracting negative ions (moisture) in the atmosphere. However, the Ark wasn’t just a powerful magneto-electric device, but a Demiurgic one that translated astral/spiritual qualities into physical manifestation.

Universal Physics and the Quantum Nature of SuperLight

In Tempest and Exodus, Ralph Ellis makes a convincing case that Mount Sinai of the Bible was actually the Great Pyramid in Egypt. The Biblical Mount Sinai was simply a Judaic term for the Great Pyramid. More specifically, the Torah indicates that this “sacred mountain” had a chamber deep inside it that contained Yahweh. When Moses emerged from Mount Sinai, he descended with the Stone Tablet, which he subsequently placed into the Ark. One may imagine the Stone Tablet being stationed in the King’s Chamber. It is highly probable that some of the Ark’s power source was retrieved from within the Great Pyramid.

Pyramids are highly advanced geometrically configured structures, which are simultaneously both antennas and resonators. Demiurgeous technologies empower the pyramids harnesses, refract, and re-transmit SuperLight from white holes in space to other locations in the heavens. White holes emit SuperLight, while black holes (enormously strong magneto-electric holes) draw magnetic and magnetizable components into and through themselves. For a black hole, the event horizon represents a one-way entrance; for a white hole, it’s exit-only.

Within range, no magnetic or magnetizable component of the universe (light, matter, gasses, magneto-electricity, quantum remains [information contained in matter], etc.), except SuperLight, can escape the intense magneto-electric attraction of a black hole.

The intense induction effects of black holes produce an effective repulsive force, so great that everything drawn into them is compressed to a maximal compact state, the Planck scale (the smallest possible size in physics). This repulsive force generates radiation that is so dense that it travels 10 billion times faster than regular light and it has a corresponding shorter wavelength and higher energy content — SuperLight. These recycled components of the universe are simply re-emitted into the universe by virtue of white holes in the form of SuperLight, which creates an infinite supply of SuperLight.

All white holes are connected to a black hole by a wormhole (Einstein-Rosen bridge: a space-time tunnel with two ends). SuperLight expands (superluminal expansion) as it exits the intense force of the black hole, which propels it through the wormhole and out of the white hole. Black holes and wormholes are separate entities; each can exist independently. Not all black holes are linked to wormholes. Black holes collapse when they get too big; wormholes blow out when black holes get too big. Wormholes have many uses. White holes collapse on themselves when the flow of SuperLight ceases.

According to the best estimates of astronomers there are at least five hundred billion galaxies in the observable universe, each with a 100 billion or more stars. The fact that the total mass surrounding the nucleus of an active galaxy can vary by substantial factors supports the argument that the central machine is a single coherent body, presumably a black hole. This would account for the fact that there are supermassive black holes at the center of every normal galaxy. The inward flux of billions of these black holes and outward flux of white holes generates an energy vortex in the universe (spinning toroidal manifold).

Since the structures of the large spiral galaxies that contain these black holes are an incoming spiral, the energy masses are continually moving inward to the center of the galaxy. Because the angular momentums of incoming waves and particles and the spiraling forces expelling these particle-waves as they exit, black holes become bigger and more powerful, until they eventually collapse on themselves and evaporate, leaving only quantum remains.

Einstein spent his final years working on his unified field theories, which would unite all forces into one. I believe that this very simple explanation of this complex self-perpetuating cycle, where nothing is added and nothing is lost; explains this idea. It explains that the missing mass in the universe is not missing (according to many of today’s physicists/astronomers, up to 80% of the matter and quantum remains [information stored in matter] in the universe are missing). SuperLight: one force, once source.

The heavens are saturated with SuperLight, which is pulsed torsion scalar particle-wave/magneto-electric radiation, which is composed of a large-pulsed field magnetic component and a small-pulsed field electrical component. However, there is a demiurgeous beam of pulsed torsion vector particle-wave of SuperLight being projected at the earth from near the galactic center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Sacred Geometry, Telluric Currents, and a Precise North-South Axis Alignment, empower the Pyramids harness, refract, and repel vector SuperLight and produce differential force fields… the intergalactic recirculation of vector SuperLight. The complex network of pyramids (on our rotating planet) weave their own beam of vector SuperLight and radiate it back to specific reception spheres in the heavens.

SuperLight can pass through ordinary matter as if it weren’t there (it is streaming through your body and everything around you as you read these words) and it is utterly invisible and undetectable with our present technologies. It is the unseen force in nature that has been ignored by science but real to the mystics and metaphysicians for thousands of years. It has been given different names and a variety of sources and functions by different cultures for thousands of years: Biomagnetic Energy, Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Energy, Tesla’s Free Earth Energy, Odic Force, Élan Vital, Space Energy, Zero Point Energy, Hawking Radiation, etc. Those who have subtle perception know it is real.

I remember in a dream, that I never had – that the Ascended Masters and the many great luminous beings, that project this Divine Matrix through my third eye, referred to it as “The Light with no Shadow.” This dream-like state is better known as the psychic subconscious, which can direct attuned people, via archetypes, dreams, intuition, and remote viewing — to divine revelations; the psychic subconscious was intended to be the great friend, guide, and advisor of the conscious.

As a result of diet, injections, and injunctions (calcified/fluoridated pineal gland [third eye blind], malnutrition, electrolyte aberrations, vaccines, propaganda, disinformation, etc.) the masses are enthralled in collective spiritual unconsciousness! IQ Test: What did you bathe in today?

In humans (with a functioning pineal gland), vector SuperLight is said to culminate in the third eye, which indicates that all psychic phenomena take place on vector SuperLight frequencies. It is the psychic medium in which the subconscious contents within us are encoded; it literally facilities cosmic consciousness and creative expression. The precise network of pyramids on our planet can be likened to a sophisticated two-way communication portal; without them, celestial communication would be limited.

The Great Pyramid of Egypt is the most famous. It covers 13 acres; it has been speculated that is contains around 1,300,000 blocks. Each block was cut within 0.01 of an inch tolerance; they ranged in weight from 5,500 pounds to 33,000 pounds. It was built exactly in the center of the earth’s mass; its position could have been determined only from space; it required precise geographical and mathematical calibrations. Such fantastic precision precedes scientists with immense erudition after millenniums of civilization.

I believe that Jehovah is the Supreme Creator; His great luminous demiurgic beings travel throughout the heavens (the Seven Heavens or Multiverse, which are seven parallel universes woven together) and spread His life everywhere. We are being remotely viewed, monitored (words, thoughts, subconscious, prayers, etc.) and influenced through multi-dimensional vector SuperLight frequencies.

The pyramids were designed and built by the many great luminous beings that constructed our earth for this Celestial Trial. We are quarantined or isolated from direct contact with other created beings; we are basically on trial and out on probation (preexistence, predestination, and limited atonement, which is another thesis in itself). No eyes have seen, no ears have heard, no mind can comprehend the glory, that God has prepared for those that overcome.

For the Biblical scholars that may doubt this divine speculation: the word Elohim is found over 2600 times in the Hebrew Bible. It is used for: the true God, false gods, supernatural spirits (angels), and human leaders (kings, judges, and the Messiah). In the beginning Elohim (angels/demiurgic beings) created the heavens and the earth. Jesus is before all things that were created through Him.

It has also been postulated that gravity is the result of specific constituents moving at high speed in all directions, throughout the universe. Gravity is not an intrinsic property of matter, nether is inertia, these forces are both formed by their reaction to the dynamic force fields of particles, waves, and pulsed torsion scalar particle-wave fields.

Material bodies absorb, refract, and/or partially shield each other from these particles, waves, and pulsed torsion scalar particle-wave fields in different ratios, resulting in a net imbalance in the pressure exerted by the impact of impinging forces on the material bodies, thereby producing an effective repulsive force towards such objects. This is expressed as gravitational push, as opposed to the pulling theory of gravity. Gravitational push keeps material bodies in harmonic space and gravitational pull would separate them. The fluctuations in the density of particles, waves, and pulsed torsion scalar particle-wave fields are consistent with the predictions of gravitational push, universal inflation from gravitational push, as well as the forces directed toward Black Holes.

It should be noted, that particles and waves are alternative, partial images of particle-waves and wave-particles. The complementary aspect of particle and wave is a central feature of the new physics, and a reflection of the well-rounded fabric of both the universe and ourselves. The new cosmology in physics views our vast cosmos as an unbroken wholeness in flowing movement, which continually recreates itself and has a holographic structure so that each part of the flow contains the entire flow.

All Vital Life Force Energies react with coherent structures in the body; organs and chakras produce energy vortexes from the interaction with these forces. Aging comes from nutritional deficiencies and aberrations, dehydration, synergistic toxicity, and metabolic diseases; immunity, endocrine, and nervous system disorders, etc. and the decline of coherency in the body.

The synergism of these vital life force phenomenon’s and the right mental attitude with God will produce an abundance of Etheric Life-Force Energy, which will translate astral, metaphysical, and spiritual qualities into physical manifestation. Just like every little piece of a hologram contains the whole hologram, each component is a reflection of the whole.

The legends of the various alchemical materias being able to bestow Eternal Youth and the Second Coming of Christ are inseparable differentiations of each other, which when fully differentiated, reveal how Christ will reign on earth for 1000-years. Alchemically speaking, these arcane components will allow the true man, the self, which suffers and is tortured to transform and rise again.

Universal physics are also directly correlated with Collective Consciousness, Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon, and the Great Awaking; a oneness that will illuminate the immensity of our inherent powers, enabling us to dismantle pseudo-science and create a Golden Age of scientifically inspired spiritual wisdom. If the human family can find a shared sense of reality and purpose—consciously held in common—then we have a strong foundation from which countless actions can flow.

Universal Physics aren’t simple Cartesian Coordinates wound around a torus. They are comprised of an intricate multi-dimensional and intra-dimensional tapestry of propagating radiant energized mobius threads woven into a spinning toroidal manifold, which creates a vortex of energy that emanates from beyond our space-time continuum. A spinning toroidal manifold allows a vortex of energy to form, which bends back along itself and re-enters itself, thus the energy is continually refreshing itself.

The Parable of the Matters

The Philosophers’ Stone is the bedrock at the foot of the highest mountain of Wisdom. As far as perpetuity is concerned, the importance of finding the first matter or the Philosophers’ Stone is insignificant unless the Mysteries of the Blessed Cup are resolved and Living Water, Alchemical Baths, Magnesia, etc. are all precisely and systematically implemented… and the ingredients of the Nectar of Eternal Youth are synthesized at optimal, relative, and quantum ratios. ORACLE: Revelation 2:17

With a through examination of Biblical genealogies, it is my speculation that with the synergistic effect of these vital life force phenomenon’s, the old can become young again; a person can live eight hundred to one thousand years with a perfect body in the state of a teenager; after all, Methuselah and his ancestors lived to be over 900 years old. They drank and bathed in pristine water and ate pristine food; they walked barefoot and slept on the earth (the Telluric Currents were over 10,000 trillion kilowatt-hours); with every Breath of Life, they hydrated through their lungs (there was a water vapor canopy that surrounded the pre-flood earth), and they never had this dialog.

On the subject of hydration and acute and chronic dehydration, without going into detail, imagine bathing in pristine water, containing organic plant based minerals (just like the water in plants) in a bathtub filled with Lodestones and crystals for over an hour. I take one everyday…

It is also said, that the priests in Atlantis lived for thousands of years, and that their secret was that they, at times, would sleep in crystal lined caves and that this would rejuvenate their bodies, bringing healing and new growth. Crystals are very organized structures; when they are energized or illuminated with the Telluric Currents and/or Lodestones, they are converters/transducers of particles, waves, particle-waves and vector wave-particles; they transform them to Vital Life Force Energies. Scalar SuperLight interacts with magneto-electricity, biophotons, and coherent matter in our bodies, which are also transformed into Vital Life Force Energies. The Chinese refer to these Vital Life Force Energies as Chi or Qi; Hindus call it Prana; Greeks know it as Pneuma; Japanese refer to it as Ki. These bioenergetic forces are the life force or living energy that sustains the life of organs, cells, tissue, and blood.

Illuminated crystals purify, accumulate, amplify, and emit energetic forces, which is why these priests rejuvenated in crystal lined caves, not the King’s Chamber. The priests in Atlantis utilized immensely magneto-electrically charged living crystals and their ability to draw and convert forces from the ether to extend their lifespans. (Again, the Telluric Currents were over 12,000 trillion kilowatt-hours during this era, and there was a water vapor canopy that surrounded the earth.)

Put simply, vector SuperLight is linked to a celestial communication network; scalar SuperLight is the prime activating energy in the universe and accounts for the production of what we call life; Prana is the Vital Life Force Energy that sustains life. Substantial magnetricity, precise coherence, and a strong life force in the body makes you alive, alert, and present, while a weak force results in sluggishness, fatigue, and disorientation.

Piezo-Magneto-Electricity… Prana

Piezo-magneto-electricity is the naturally occurring magneto-electric charge that is captured certain geological materials, such as magnetite rocks that have been struck by lighting; it is the charge that accumulates in crystals when they are grounded to the earth, and the charge emitted by crystals when they are put under intense pressure. It is also the life force energy that accumulates in certain biological matter such as bone, DNA, various proteins, cerebrospinal fluid, blood, ear drums, trees, plants, produce, etc. In the body this life force energy is pumped though a unique circulatory system known as Biologically Closed Magneto-Electric Circuits (BCMEC). This system provides continuous circulation and recirculation of this life-force energy, which supports healing, metabolism, growth, regulation, immune response, etc.

The development and application of piezo-magneto-electrical medical devices, in combination with conventional, non-conventional, and innovative therapies, will be used to treat of a wide variety of health problems including cancer, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease, arthritis, connective tissue diseases, and other auto-immune, neurological, and biological disorders, and diseases of the visual system.

For example, I developed Magneto-Electro-Chemical Therapy (MEChT), which is a minimally invasive therapeutic technique for the treatment of localized cancer, hemangioma tumors, basal cell carcinomas, squamous cell carcinomas, etc., which utilizes BCMEC in the body. This is a self-regulating model for healing that utilizes a number of physiological pathways, which influence the structure and function for a variety of tissues and organs. This approach is much more detailed and complete than conventional healing models.

A few undocumented cases: I reversed basal cell carcinoma on the superior helix of my left ear… in two weeks without any medical treatment! One of my associates had glaucoma; it was reversed (which has never been done before) in two months without any medical treatment. Another one of my associates had 30% blockage in his coronary arteries and two leaky heart valves, which was completely reversed in nine months without any medical treatment. The list goes on and on… but at this time, I do not want to get the Fraud and Death Administration (FDA) involved.

Magneto-Electro-Chemical Therapy will provide a low-cost, patient friendly, and highly effective technique for the treatment of localized tumors and cancers. MEChT is highly complementary and can be administered with other therapeutic modalities; it does not have the serious side effects associated with conventional therapies, and experience has shown that MEChT does not exhibit a significant therapeutic resistance with repeated applications, as is often the case with conventional therapies.

Healthy cells are known to emit coherent light (like sunlight); unhealthy cells emit incoherent, chaotic light (like a common light bulb). Coherent light has the capacity to carry large bundles of information, which incoherent light cannot do. In cancer diagnostics, it should be noted that tumor cells exhibit peculiar photon emission patterns. The energy level of a typical cancer cell is less than 5% of that of a normal, healthy cell.

Lodestones, magnetricity, crystals, and related bioenergetic forces… and the LivePristine Protocol are the future of medicine, health, and well-being. Through this synergy they represent a powerful energy technology, which will allow us to greatly improve our mental and physical abilities, cure many diseases, and extend life. Tapping into the flow of natural energies will also open the door to groundbreaking innovations in agriculture. Real Food is on the horizon.

Welcome to Planet Earth

Today, the masses drink lifeless polluted acid rain out of plastic bottles and bathe in chemically treated toxic tap water; they eat lifeless produce grown in toxic water and dead depleted soil; they eat box raised tortured industrially raised poultry and meat — and fish contaminated with mercury; they dehydrate with every breath; they wear sunglasses (sunlight is a necessity nutrient for human existence), and they are not grounded to the earth. We have digressed to artificial surroundings of “everything modernly designed” for elimination of direct contact with the Earth. A new era is in existence, fast cheep thrills and a slow expensive death — and you are part of it.

These misguided fools are drinking, bathing in, and eating the same inferior products as the Wine-O’s on Skid Row. Life still isn’t fun enough; so they consume mass quantities of flavorful processed food and throttle their glands with an endless barrage of cocktails and other toxic beverages. These poor fools do not even have the mental capacity to wonder how they ended up crippled in a nursing home, with someone shoving pharmaceutical drugs down their throats, and their brains burned out… with bedsores the size of grapefruits.

It is relatively easy not to care about reality — when everything is going seemingly well according to your misconceptions. Oh, trust me, it will be too late to care, after the truth surfaces and the bottom falls out. Denial is not s shield, nor is ignorance a sanctuary — figure it out!

Life Isn’t a Zero-Sum Game

There are many paths to the mysteries, but only one truth. There is much knowledge and many parts, pieces, and disciplines to complete the GAME. If one rule is broken or demented, one truth out of place, your muscles, organs, and tissues will become calcified and fibrotic.. and they will die while you are alive, and you will not be able to withstand the burning pains.

The GAME is doable; it is actually very simple compared to the complexity of our universe. The GAME is spiritual, elemental, chemical, physical, intellectual, psychological, and monetary – the context of the GAME is hidden within the pages of our history books. Many are called… few are capable to play.

THE GAME OF LIFE — why am I here, where am I, what is going on around me, etc. We can succumb to circumstances or forge destiny. The core objective of the GAME is essentially the same: win or lose… but then again, we will have a CHAMPION.


“Blessed and holy are those who share in the first resurrection. The second death has no power over them, but they will be priests of God and of Christ and will reign with Him for a thousand years.” Revelation 20:6

“I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.” Deuteronomy 30:19

I am a child of earth and the starry heavens. But my sprit/soul is of the heavens, as you well know. I have come here guided by my Father. I was parched and dying of thirst, He has granted me to drink from the well of memory.

My son, give me thy heart, and let thine eyes observe my ways. Maranatha

Life is a tale told by an idiot — full of sounds and fury, signifying nothing. William Shakespeare

The world as you know it, is a tale told by idiots; temporal goals and aspirations are being rammed down our throats with endless flackery; mindless rhetoric and disruptive sounds pierce the veil of silence; bright lights and pixels replace starry heavens; fury, chaos, destruction, and stench pervade the ambiance… signifying a void filled with superstition, mythology, mysticism, propaganda, disinformation, narcissism, delusions of grandeur, mindless consumerism, pseudoscience, and all sorts of other nonsense. The reckless onslaught continues to surge; the fury knows no bounds; stark madness reigns.

What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.

Free will and ignorance has become the complex Social Matrix in which people live their lives. People living in this Matrix, live a perfectly normal life, from their subjective point of view. They are asleep; they are reacting to their own projections as if they objectively exist in concretized form outside of themselves. The mind erects the objective outside world… out of its own stuff.

The Matrix is based upon keeping people trapped within a paradigm of false and superficial knowledge of themselves and the universe known as materialism and delusions of grandeur. It is fundamentally about centralizing power and control, as it enslaves people under deceptive lies of limitation and lack of options, keeping them disconnected from their own immense creative power. The Matrix operates through the process of “compartmentalization,” which prevents any one person from knowing too much. This isn’t a paranoid conspiracy theory; the evidence is all around us for those who have eyes to see.

The Matrix is the blind ignorance and mindless tolerance that has been pulled over your eyes to keep you from the truth. And that darkness is our enemy. When you are inside the Matrix, you look around. What do you see? Doctors, businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters, moms, dads, and children… the very minds we are trying to save. Until we do, these people are part of that darkness and lost in abysmal ignorance. You have to understand that most of these people are not ready to accept the truth and see the light. Many of these people are so hopelessly dependent on the lies, injustices, and untruths for personal gains that they will fight to protect it, and that makes them our enemies.

The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. You can see it when you look out your window, when you go to work, when you go to church, when you turn on your television, and when you go shopping for groceries. You can feel when you pay your taxes, drink the water, take a shower, shampoo your hair, eat the food, and when you try to bend or stretch full range of motion.

This Social Matrix has become a 1001% unsustainable way of life. In one day, in the not too distant future… it will come to an abrupt and bitter end! It’s coming down the chute: survival of the fittest, toughest, wisest, and the most honorable men, women, and children! The GAME is on; wake-up and get the hell out of dodge; off the grid and self-sustaining… or suffer the consequences.

For many people, it can be traumatic to realize that the world that they thought they lived in… doesn’t exist in the way they thought it did; for others it’s relief. This Matrix is not a movie; it is the world in which you live!

‘They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will be treated as an unclean thing. Their silver and gold will not be able to deliver them in the day of the Lord’s Wrath. It will not satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs.” Ezekiel 7:19

Welcome to the other side of the Matrix… I trust you are enjoying the Light! Glen Caulkins

Only An Imbecile Would Take Offense

In gratitude to my mentors: John V. Milewski, Ph.D. and Paul Levy

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