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Unfortunately, industry standards in water faucets have not been established. So, when it comes to setting up your Water Revival Travel / Portable, every scenario may be slightly different from the next. That is why our system has been specifically designed to be versatile enough to meet such challenges*.

Difficult Aerators! 

In order to attach the system’s Diverter Valve you need to first remove your existing faucet’s aerator. On a 55/64″-27 male threaded faucet, a direct Diverter Valve attachment can be made. If another threading configuration is present, an adapter from the Faucet Adapter Pro Kit (included with system) will be necessary.  

In areas with hard water you will typically find lots of scaling on your water fixtures. This can pose a challenge when it comes time for aerator removal. Also, “hidden” aerators, like the one in the above photo can be difficult to remove without the appropriate removal tool.

If the removal of such an aerator is not feasible and / or your faucet does not contain a threaded aerator, do not worry, alternative system hook ups are possible. The beauty of quick connect fittings is that plumbing connections can made very easily and switched back and forth when necessary. 


An Angle Stop Valve and extra tubing can be a simple and convenient solution in order to feed cold-water directly to the inlet of the system. Installation is extremely quick and can be done with just a basic adjustable wrench. The existing Diverter Valve Hose assembly can be quickly removed by releasing the tubing from the quick connect fittings and individual feed and drain lines can then be routed.


The drain line attaches directly to the Flush / Flow Valve which is connected by a black line to the High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis Membrane. If possible, use your sink’s overflow to send the reject (brine) water directly down the drain.

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