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Our body is magneto-electronic in nature and is composed of billions of micro– magneto-electronic units, which are formed in structures that have a phased-array organization. Biophysicists view the body as an interconnected bio-energetic organism.

The metal and carbon atoms in organic plant-based minerals are the centers of charge in large molecules that form cells and living tissues. These elements coordinate and direct the flow of electron, proton, and neutron reactions between atoms. They also increase the integrity of cell membranes and the action of enzymes in all biological life.

The calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium bicarbonate minerals that are suspended in water also play a role in the proton-electron system. Certain protons and electrons in the minerals absorb biophoton (light particles invisible to the naked eye) energy from geo-magnetic and geo-electric fields in the earth and/or ultraviolet light (ultraviolet light consists of magneto-electric waves). Electrons absorb and also emit biophotons, which is why the electron-rich DNA is a storehouse for biophotons. The positive charge of protons and the negative charge of electrons in water also help charge and regulate our bodies’ biophoton-magneto- electrical systems.

Bjorn Nordenstrum and Robert O’Becker have both demonstrated that the body possesses closed bioelectric circuits. Just as flowing electrons produce a magneto- electric field, conversely, magneto-electric fields made up of biophotons are also able to induce electron flow through closed circuits. All metabolic functions involve a flow and transport of electrons; this means that there is a constant interchange of electrons and biophotons within the body where one system has direct influence over the other.

Science has proven that all of the reactions that occurred in the cells of the human body prior to the industrial revolution were biophoton-magneto-electrical in nature. The body is supposed to be saturated with high-biophoton-energy pristine water, whose primary purpose is to bathe the cells in a fluid that is bio-electrically active. Nerves are like power lines running throughout the human body and the messages between nerve cells are sent by way of biophoton-magneto-electrical messengers.

Surface Tension

Surface tension is a measure of the adherence of a material to itself, the tenacity with which it resists expansion, and the attraction between molecules; in water, this mechanism allows a needle to float or an insect to walk across the surface.

  • The carrying capacity of a liquid (the ability to carry material) is influenced by surface tension, composition, centrifugal and centripetal motion, and polarized light; magnetic, electromagnetic, and biophoton-magneto-electric fields also affect it.
  • The pH of ground water controls which cations, anions, gases, and solids dissolve into ground water (i.e., go into solution) and which exit from ground water (i.e., precipitate or volatilize). There is a complex interaction between the differing surface tensions of water and the total dissolved solids, total suspended solids, turbidity, and acidity; this interaction affects capillarity. Without taking surface tension into account, the physical and chemical behavior of water cannot be understood.
  • Surface tension governs the shape that small masses of water can assume and the degree of contact a liquid can make with another substance. Weak biophoton-magneto-electric forces in water may be manifested in low surface tension.
  • Electro-negativity is a measure of the tendency of an atom to attract a bonding pair of electrons. Fluorine is the most chemically reactive and electro-negative of all the elements; when added to water this electro- negativity further cripples our water supplies. In this case, the electron pair is dragged right over to fluorine’s end of the bond. For all intents and purposes, water has lost control of its electron, fluorine is now converted to fluoride, and it has complete control over both electrons.

These factors contribute to altered surface tension and a loss of coherent biophoton communication in water. The strengthened bonding arrangement of high-biophoton water molecules is quite linear and accounts for its correct surface tension. It has been proven that subtle differences in water purity, surface tension, and mineral content affect body hydration, cellular function, and physical performance.

Depleted dead water combined with the separation of our bare feet from direct contact to the earth has led to a “biophoton-magneto-electric deficiency syndrome” in humans — biological stress caused by the weakening of this “energy base” for life.

Natural Earth Energy

The body being composed of 65% water and the brain 80% water suggests that water plays a big role in the function of living systems, as reflected in recent writings considering water the foundation and director of a natural energy sphere.

The Bovis Energy Scale (biophoton scale) measures “Natural Earth Energy” ranging from zero to infinity. Sometimes referred to as the Life Force Index, it is named after French researcher Anton Bovis who, during the 1930s, studied Earth energies among the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

In the present era, the Earth itself creates energy in the range from 7,000 to 18,000 Bovis units. The desired minimal energy level for humans is found between 8,000 and 10,000; this positive energy is necessary to the maintenance of life on Earth.

Scientific research has correlated the clockwise or right spin of atoms and molecules with a biophoton energy reading below 6,500 units, which is considered life- depleting; while above 6,500 the energy gradually becomes life- enhancing. Examples found in nature of this spin property include cellular DNA, which is a left- turning spin; in contrast, cancer cells have a clockwise spin. Moreover, individuals with illnesses have poor and chaotic coherence with disturbed biophoton cellular communication.

Pure water containing no ions is a non-conductor, an efficient insulator. Distillation and reverse osmosis water systems strip the minerals and leave the acids in water, which alters surface tension. This also eradicates biophoton energy and severely hampers the magneto-electric energy of water.

The Earth Magnetic-Voltage Relationship

An external energy source is a necessary condition for life, because living systems require a flow of energy to organize materials and maintain a low state of entropy (Morowitz 1968).

The Earth is a six-sextillion ton magnet and source of direct current voltage, with its biophoton field extending for thousands of miles into space. Furthermore, the soles of our feet contain nerve endings that connect to every other part of our body; when our bare feet touch the ground, we receive the telluric (magneto-electric) currents of the earth. This voltage powers the human body; in essence, we are rechargeable batteries.

A lodestone is magnetite but not all magnetite is lodestone. To become lodestone, the magnetite must be struck by lightning, which then makes it biophoton- magneto-electric. Scientists believe this occurs naturally when certain types of crystal structures in magnetite are struck by the strong bioelectric current of lightning, which creates a magneto-electric charge; another way that magnetite becomes lodestone is when the minerals are heated past a certain temperature and then cooled back down.

A lodestone acts as a natural magnet and source of direct current voltage and provides a unique form of voltage delivering optimal and relative amounts of magnetism and direct current.

We exist in a space-time continuum (continuous seamless series). Obviously, space is not space and time is not time. When mankind inadvertently dismembered magnetricity by creating electricity and magnetism, it was an error worse than foolishness. It undermined the foundation of all life.

A moving electric charge creates an electromagnetic field (EM pollution). The field around a magnet is a type of photon. The fields around the earth and lodestones are biophotons. Make no mistake about it: electric and magnetic fields are bad news for your health and can be killers.

Obviously, electricity and magnets are man-made–that should be a warning. Present day technology cannot mimic the lodestone’s properties or output. Man- made electricity and/or magnets hamper and disrupt the proton, electron, and neutron functions of atoms and molecules. The concept of electrolysis being able to re-structure water is pure nonsense. It is kind of like electrocuting any living thing– obviously it is not good.

To say low negative ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) water benefits health by acting as an antioxidant in the human body as a result of electrolysis is pseudo- science. Water coming out of a stream or artesian well has a positive ORP reading; this is natural high-biophoton water, it is the opposite of negative ORP water. Electrolysis destroys the bioresonance of water.

The platinum-coated titanium plates in water ionizers wear out; the platinum wears off a tiny bit every time the machine is run so that platinum and eventually titanium are leaching into your water.

Water Memory

Water possesses the ability to store information that has been impressed on it from a given vibration for long periods. Even after harmful physical substances are removed, their negative energy, i.e., vibration patterns or “signatures,” still remain and water can transfer such information to other systems, including living organisms.

The ability of a cell to maintain structure is possible only when the water composing the cell parts consists of a certain relationship of frequencies that allow the cell wall

to maintain a relatively static nature. It is this folded, interlaced quality that some researchers believe is paramount in the functioning of molecular memory.

The Natural Flow of a Vortex

Recent experiments at Massachusetts Institute of Technology showed that a naturally flowing vacuum vortex (plumbing drain) develops a counterclockwise rotation in the northern hemisphere and clockwise rotation in the southern hemisphere.

Vortexes follow certain mathematical laws as they move. Three such examples are the Golden Mean vortex, the Fibonacci vortex, and the Toroidal vortex. In motion, dolphins, beluga whales, humpback whales, and volcanoes produce extraordinary and beautiful examples of natural vortexes.

Water naturally flows in a vortex, such as when a river meanders through the countryside, or a wave rolls onto the beach, or a spring rushes up from an underground aquifer, or a raindrop spirals as it falls to the earth. A whirlpool would be the most dramatic visual example. These natural processes create what is called “living water.” Water becomes alive when the vortex pulls into it the Earth’s subtle yet powerful life energy forces. This natural process is the backbone behind the concepts of living water, water memory, bioresonance, biodynamic agriculture, and homeopathic medicine.

By allowing water to flow in a natural vortex motion, the PristineHydro Vortex Water Brewer™ is able to enliven the water, as it draws out the powerful vibrational energies that manifest in our proprietary lodestone, crystal, and igneous rock configuration.

Properly Mineralized High-Biophoton Water

As in a natural spring, water vortexed over the earth (a biophoton-magneto- electrical source), crystals, and igneous rocks at 4 degrees Celsius will remove trauma recordings and produce high-biophoton water. High-biophoton water is integral to the liquid crystalline structure of living organisms, which holds the key to rapid intercommunication within the organism and the perfect co-ordination of  living processes.

The closed biological circuitry of the blood is a closed loop, circulatory, and self- regulating model for healing. It entails another circulatory system where continuous biophoton-energy circulation and circulating magneto-electric currents in blood and supporting   tissue   support   healing,   metabolism,   growth,    regulation, immune response, etc.

This system is regulated through the bio-zeta potential (biophoton-magneto- electric kinetic potential) of the blood, which is supposed to be a colloidal system. In other words, bio-zeta potential is the biophoton-magneto-electric potential difference between the cell and the plasma. When this energy is maintained at optimal concentrations it keeps the blood in full colloidal suspension.

One of the many fundamentals of good health lies in maintaining the proper “hydro- biophoton-magneto-electric properties” in our blood plasma and intra-cellular and extra-cellular fluids. These liquids provide the playing field for all the chemical reactions needed to power our bodies and must be kept in balance for good health.

PristineHydro’s vortexed, high-biophoton, properly mineralized (calcium, potassium, sodium, high magnesium bicarbonate) water will reduce the flood of low energy and negative information with which normally available waters inundate the body.

Properly mineralized, high-biophoton water contributes to the immune system’s ability to function more effectively to combat disease and reduce excess inflammation as it assists with the body’s cell-to-cell communications networks.

Magnesium Bicarbonate

Magnesium is the lightest of all metals, being about two-thirds lighter than aluminum. Magnesium is non-toxic, non-magnetic, and has high-impact strength.

Magnesium bicarbonate is a complex hydrated salt that exists only in water under specific conditions; it does not occur in a solid form. Water containing magnesium bicarbonate that is appropriately mineralized and energized is the best water on Earth. Indeed, medical research from many countries has demonstrated that people live longer when they drink water that is properly mineralized. When consumed, magnesium bicarbonate is quickly absorbed by body cells, as magnesium is an intracellular element and functions as a bicarbonate co-transporter.

It is to be emphasized that magnesium bicarbonate assists in the maintenance of cell homeostasis. Intracellular homeostasis is very dependent on the “here and now”–on the immediate maintenance of ideal biochemical conditions.

When magnesium bicarbonate enters body cells, it dissociates to increase the concentrations of bicarbonate ions inside those cells. The bicarbonate derived from magnesium bicarbonate produces hydroxide ions (OH-) inside body cells, which neutralize the acid (H+) from carbon dioxide concentrations, acid rain, metabolic acids, and other sources; this occurs via a series of sequential and simultaneous reactions.

Because magnesium bicarbonate decreases the production of excess acids in body cells, when it is present in body cells the time dependencies for carbon dioxide elimination from the lungs and for acid elimination by the kidneys do not operate as adversely on the homeostasis of body cells. Thus, aging is slowed.

Experiments with mammals have shown that the consumption of magnesium bicarbonate increases life span (strictly, life expectation). In sheep, cattle, and horses life span is increased by about 30%. An increase in life span of 30% is similar to the increase in life span achieved in mammals by calorie restriction, that is, an increase in life span due to low carbon dioxide concentrations in body cells.

However, any consumed water must contain all four electrolyte salts: calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium bicarbonates; it is a four-cylinder engine, and all cylinders must be firing.


Adding ElectrolyteBalanceTM to the water you drink allows you to adjust its acid buffering capacity to meet your specific needs.

  • ElectrolyteBalanceTM is magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium bicarbonate. This unique formula is achieved through a proprietary technology that re-creates the optimum circumstances that nature uses to properly prepare bio-available high- biophoton bicarbonate salts.
  • ElectrolyteBalanceTM is a natural way to neutralize acids and balance the pH of the body to a healthy 7.0.
  • Up to 90% of Americans have a severe magnesium bicarbonate deficiency.
  • ElectrolyteBalanceTM effectively replenishes magnesium bicarbonate reserves; it facilitates the voltage-gated calcium, sodium, and potassium bicarbonate ion channels.

We have crossed the threshold to new living water. We believe that data will soon be available that validates the premise that humans who balance their pH, consume and bathe in properly mineralized high-biophoton pristine water will potentially live healthier, happier, and longer lives.

Glen Caulkins – PristineHydro Development, Inc.

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