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When researching water filtration systems, especially websites and other marketing materials, there are eight things you should always seek to know:

  1. Do they completely remove the acids?
  2. What is the alkalinity of the water?
  3. How do they achieve the alkalinity claimed?
  4. What is their TDS (total dissolved solids) concentration value?
  5. What alkaline minerals do they use?
  6. Do they have third-party laboratory analyses available on request?
  7. Do they use bicarbonate salts?
  8. Is the water 100% contaminate free?

Water produced from PristineHydro water filtration systems has a pH of 10.5. TDS is approximately 70 parts per million (after filters are broken in); the TDS constitutes the magnesium the system injects into the water.

The pH of water does not necessarily reflect the buffering capacity of the water. In other words, saying a water is “alkaline” does not necessarily mean that it has substantial alkalinity, that there are no contaminates in the water, or that the water is acid-free – Tap water has a pH of 7.8 and is loaded with acids and other contaminates.

Many people are convinced that alkaline water produced by an ionizer is sufficient to neutralize acid in the body; it’s just not true. Water ionizers take acid out of tap water, basically producing acid-free tap water. Most do not know that the quality of water alkaline ionizers produce is very dependent on the source and quality of the tap water that goes through it. On top of that, electrolysis also obliterates water molecules. – Alkaline water ionizers are not water purifiers. They fall far short of PristineHydro’s filtration technology, but they are often marketed with great success.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filters take most contaminates out of water, however they do not remove the acids, or properly re-mineralize or restructure the water. RO water is known as aggressive water; it will eat into copper, lead and galvanized pipes. You can imagine what drinking acidic water without alkalizing minerals will do to your body…

There must be sufficient alkaline minerals in the water we drink; it has to be acid free and it has to be contaminant free —to produce the desired acid buffering capacity

PristineHydro is the only 100% acid free, 100% contaminate free, high-alkaline pH water. When you add our Electrolyte Balance formula to PristineHydro water you can adjust the alkalizing minerals content to buffer excess acids from your body with what your body is most deficient in; magnesium. It’s like killing 2 birds with 1 stone…

The alkaline minerals in Nature’s water are calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium bicarbonate (calcium and magnesium bicarbonate are complex hydrate salts that only exist in liquid form). Bicarbonate electrolyte salts safely buffer excess acids from the body.

Electrolyte Balance has four bicarbonate electrolyte salts that facilitate voltage-gated ion channels in the body. However, it is about 90% magnesium bicarbonate, because magnesium deficiency is so prevalent today. Sufficient magnesium levels lead to safer detoxification and chelation. In fact, it makes chelation possible.

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